Chicago Affordable Braces

At Lawn Dental Center, Chicago braces are made affordable

Dr. Charley Olono loves doing orthodontics. He truly enjoys seeing his patients thrilled with their new smile. But, braces are expensive. Even if you have dental insurance there is a large amount the patient is responsible for. And if you have family, those expenses can add up quickly.

Here at Lawn Dental Center, we don't want you to forgo braces for your children because you can't afford them. We know that specialists' fees can be quite high. Dr. Olono, while he is not licensed as an orthodontist, has had extra training in placing braces and really enjoys offering these services. He has very affordable fees and easy payment plans to try to make this within the reach of every family.

Besides this, we have a satisfaction guarantee when we do braces.

For more information about this guarantee and about braces and what they can do for your smile, see our Chicago braces page. You may also request an appointment to begin getting your affordable braces.