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If you are in pain, call our office now! 773-523-0700 We will get you in the same day. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have made dental emergencies a priority—even changing our office hours to better meet the needs that we have seen come up with emergencies.

An emergency dentist who can get you out of pain

When you are in pain, nothing else matters. Dr. Olono will get you out of pain and get to the source of your dental trauma. Below are just some of the common emergency ailments he deals with regularly.

Root Canal

A root canal needing an emergency dentistA root canal is essentially a treatment to deal with an infected tooth. Though many patients have heard a horror story or two about getting a root canal, it isn't nearly as difficult as having a tooth extracted. Both immediately and in the long run, it will be better to make every effort to save your tooth. Dr. Olono will make sure you are pain free during the procedure by either using a local anesthetic to numb any tissue that has not already died or administering nitrous oxide.

Tooth Bonding

A tooth needing Chicago emergency dentist to apply tooth bonding After chicago emergency dentist tooth bonding

When you've chipped a tooth, bonding is an easy process that will restore the look of your natural tooth. Dr. Olono will gently roughen the tooth surface in order to apply a bonding primer and resin. Using several shades of composites to match your natural tooth color, he will then shape the material to match seamlessly with the rest of your tooth. The resin is hardened with a tooth bonding light. The final touch will be a polish that gives it a natural sparkle. The procedure is completely painless from beginning to end.

Tooth Extraction

Chicago emergency dentist chart showing the types of impacted wisdom teeth

Sometimes a tooth has to be removed because the decay and damage are too far along to save the tooth. Other times the tooth is impacted and causing chronic pain. A tooth becomes impacted when it is unable to erupt properly, either because it has formed at an incorrect angle, or there simply isn't enough room left in a patient's mouth for more teeth. The most common impacted teeth are wisdom teeth (or 3rd molars). Be assured that if you are suffering from an impacted tooth, Dr. Olono can relieve your pain.

Dealing with dental anxiety

Sometimes people end up with a dental emergency because they have been avoiding treatment. Many patients have had previous traumatic experiences, often in their younger years, and haven't been back since. The years of accumulated work take a toll on their overall health. Others fear the pain they will face from a procedure and end up waiting until the situation is beyond their ability to bear. We don't want you to allow a previous experience or fear of pain to keep you from optimal health; therefore, we offer nitrous oxide for our fearful patients.


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