Chicago Discount Dentist

The importance of dental care is often overlooked. Without regular professional cleanings, you risk periodontal disease, cavities, and serious infection. Those infections can spread beyond your tooth roots leading to serious complications. Yet often, when money is tight, dental care is one of the first things put to the side temporarily. At Lawn Dental Center we understand that life can get expensive sometimes. To insure every opportunity for you to get quality dental care without destroying your family's budget, we offer two discount opportunities.

Chicago Family Discount

A family eligible for our Chicago discount dentist

Dr. Olono understands how hard it is to make ends meet with a family. The costs of basic necessities, such as food, has risen over 25% in the last year alone. Couple that with shelter, clothing, and extracurricular activities, fitting in dental costs can seem overwhelming. We wanted to find ways to make dental care more accessible for families. As a result we've instituted a family discount to help offset your burden. Only the first two family members pay for their estimated portion of the costs after insurance. Each family member after that we treat without charging their portion, accepting only the insurance as our fee. This way your entire family can be seen, in a way that doesn't create an undue burden on your bank account.

New Patient Special

Another cost that tends to take a big chunk out of your wallet is your first visit to a dentist. Not only are there the expected costs of the examination, but you'll need to have x-rays done. To make that transition easier for you, we offer a No-Cost First Visit. You'll receive an exam and two x-rays absolutely free. All you have to do is mention the "Dentistry with a caring heart" discount. This is for new patients only.

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