Chicago Pediatric Dentist

Chicago pediatric dentist. Dr. Olono enjoys treating children.Dr. Charley Olono loves treating children and making their dental visits fun.

What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist is one who has done two years of post graduate work and is licensed as a specialist. Dr. Olono is not a pediatric dentist, but he enjoys treating children and has training in providing all of the basic care that children need, from checkups and cleanings to fillings, stainless steel crowns, and even orthodontic care. He is licensed as a general dentist. If anything complicated comes up he will refer your child to a pediatric dentist specialist.

Convenient Family Care

Many families enjoy going to the dentist together. It is convenient and helpful to go to the same dentist. Plus, many parents feel comfortable discussing their child's dental needs with a dentist they are very familiar with.

Avoiding Pediatric Dental Anxiety

It is ideal to begin your child's dental visits early. This way your child's early experiences with the dentist will be pleasant, instead of traumatic because of dealing with a dental emergency. Our staff works hard to make your child's visit a fun experience. We want them to look forward to their return appointments. We'll see patients in our office as young as one year old, and parents are welcome to accompany their child during the exam.

  • Don't treat dental care as a punishment—Sometimes parents are tempted to "threaten" their children with a dental visit if they don't regularly brush their teeth. Instead help them understand that their dental visits are an extension of their daily oral hygiene.
  • Don't use scare tactics—Instead of telling them their dental visits will be painful if they don't brush their teeth, talk to them about how much nicer their mouth smells after they brush.
  • Don't over-prepare them—You can unintentionally transfer anxiety to your child by spending an inordinate amount of time talking to them about their appointment in order to prepare them. Treat it like it is no big deal and they'll feel that way too.
  • Go to the dentist early—The younger your child has their first visit, the more likely it is to be an easy appointment.

To begin your child's dental care, you may call our office or request an appointment with our office online. For more information on oral health for your child, read our page on Dental tips for parents.