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Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dental Care in Chicago, IL

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Our Chicago dental team is dedicated to relieving dental pain and maintain our patients’ smiles. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact Lawn Dental Center today at (773) 523-0700

What to do in the Light of a Dental Emergency?

If you are in the midst of a dental crisis, it is imperative to contact our Chicago dental practice to receive immediate treatment. If your emergency occurs during regular business hours, you may come in right away. If it is after-hours, call our answering service. Our office provides a 24- hour, seven-day-a-week answering service, so you are always able to get in contact with our dentist.

We listen to your concerns and provide instructions during your dental crisis. Depending on what happened, our dentist may advise you to do the following:

For dental pain- A toothache and sensitivity to hot and colder temperatures typically indicate infection. Leaving a compromised tooth unaddressed can result in the requirement of more complex treatment later on or the eventual loss of the tooth.

If the patient experiences pain, they should come into the office right away to receive emergency care. This is to ensure our patients are comfortable throughout their daily lives, and that they can smile with confidence.

For dental injuries- Trauma can occur in many forms, from cracked or chipped teeth to the complete knockout of a tooth. These situations would grievously affect the structural health of the smile. Bleeding and a severe toothache are indicators that a deeper issue exists, which would require immediate evaluation and care.

Dislodged teeth require urgent treatment as the window of time for reattachment is approximately one hour. Damaged or dislocated restorations may be repaired or replaced to rebuild a tooth’s structure.

For dental emergencies in children- If your child faces a dental emergency, it is important to keep them calm and relaxed. Contact our dental office and list their symptoms so we may assess the situation and provide further instructions. Any crises involving the jaw, teeth, and gums, you may come to our dental office right away. Our compassionate dentist understands for young patients it is important to keep them comfortable while providing the treatment they need.

If you or a loved one is in need of urgent dental care, contact Lawn Dental Center in Chicago today. Dr. Olono and Dr. Bagdasarian-Olono ensures the people of Lawndale, Little Village, Pilsen, and Cicero maintain optimal dental function and a beautiful smile even in their time of need.


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