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Dental Restorations in Chicago

When a smile’s health and beauty are compromised due to failing teeth or decay, Dr. Charles Olono and Dr. Rita Bagdasarian-Olono are here to help. At Lawn Dental Center , our skilled dental professionals take a compassionate approach to restorative dentistry. Whatever your concern may be, our team works with you to develop an affordable, personalized treatment plan that is sure to address your specific needs. Call our Chicago practice today!

We welcome patients of all backgrounds as we are fluent in Spanish!

Reliable Restorative Care At Lawn Dental Center

After a thorough examination, our team addresses issues such as advanced decay, periodontal disease, and missing teeth, establishing a strong foundation for optimal oral health. Our top priority is protecting your smile while restoring it to its natural beauty. We offer the following restorative services at our practice:

Crowns are used cover and protect treated teeth, allowing for proper functionality once again to the smile. With the use of our trusted outside lab, these restorations are custom-crafted from tooth-colored materials to provide completely natural-looking results.

White fillings repair enamel and protect the inner structure of teeth affected by cavities and minor decay. Enamel-colored composite resin mimics natural teeth while providing durability.

Dental bridges replace a short row of missing teeth along the smile by using crowns anchored to the tops of neighboring healthy teeth.

Full and partial dentures restore an entire arch of missing teeth by using a prosthetic that is fabricated by our outside lab to replicate the appearance of natural gums and teeth.

Root canal therapy is performed to save the affected tooth suffering infection that has reached the pulp. This procedure eliminates decay deep within the root of the tooth while restoring its structure. Once finalized, a personalized crown is placed to protect the tooth and renew function.

Gentle tooth extractions are necessary when a tooth is so severely damaged or broken that it cannot be repaired with a prosthetic. We also address impacted teeth that may need extraction when they cannot erupt properly.

Let Dr. Charles Olono – Olono Restore Your Smile

With over 30 years in the field, Dr. Charles Olono dedicates his expertise to providing patients throughout Chicago, Lawndale, Little Village, Pilsen, and Cicero with the most comprehensive oral health care possible.

If you or a loved one are looking for a dental team with the knowledge to offer exceptional restorative dentistry, we encourage you to call or visit our Chicago practice today!

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